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Another GOOD Thing: Make Your Vote Count for Charity

Cast a vote and Subaru will donate $1 on your behalf.

In partnership with Subaru

What do American Forests, Make-A-Wish-Foundation, ASPCA, Meals On Wheels, and Special Olympics have in common? Not only are they all outstanding nonprofits working to build positive impact, they are also the five organizations that you can support during the Subaru “Share the Love” event.

Vote for your favorite participating charity on Facebook and Subaru will donate $1 on your behalf. This special $1 to Charity program will run until January 3, 2012 or until the $250,000 donation amount has been achieved, so cast your vote now.

In addition to donating $1 on behalf of your votes, Subaru will donate $250 to the customer's choice of one of the five participating charities for every new Subaru vehicle purchased or leased during the “Share the Love” event. During the last three years, Subaru has donated nearly $15 million. With your help, they hope to donate another $5 million this year.

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